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"Kiwi Made" 

Stainless Steel and will last forever

 BBQ / Braai / Outdoor Fireplace




BRAAI NZ (3).jpg

So braai is in and first braai last night, bloody amazing. Thank you

Some pictures of the end result

Problem is that I don't want to cook inside anymore.

Your workmanship is next level brilliant


Dankie, dis amazing




fireplace, outdoor fireplace


kiwi fire

BRAAI NZ (1).jpg

Sien asseblief aangeheg die finale bewys van betaling. Baie dankie vir jou goeie diens. Dit was regtig 'n great ervaring.


Vriendelike groete.



Hi Francois,


Just wanted to share some pictures of the braai you supplied to us. Has taken us a  while, good things take time... ;)

We are absolutely loving it. Thanks again.



Braai NZ.jpg

Hi ek het 1 van jou braaie al vir so 5 jaar, fantasties produk, baie gelukkig met hom.

Net gewonder of daar 'n binne lig beskikbaar iss. Julian De Beer. 

These products are guaranteed NOT to rust


Unlike most imported and locally made black steel products that WILL rust in NZ even if they are painted.

Braai / outddor fireplace
kiwi braai
Braai nz

Specifications on "Free Standing Unit"

. Width = 1200mm  or any custom size you need. (left to right)

. Depth = 500mm. (front to back)

. Height = 650mm front face and back 1000mm to where flue fits/start.

. All materials used 2mm thick 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Flue material 1.5mm 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

. Grills made of 8mm round bar frame with 6mm round bars on top, spaced 10mm apart.

. Double skinned/wall  sides and back in area where fire burn 

outdoor fireplace

Free standing

Unit will have to be used on a bench top or surface you built like seen on photos of clients here. Flue 1200mm and rotating cowl incl:


NZ Braai
braai nz

 $6430.00 Including GST

Braai NZ
Outdoor braai nz
outdoor braai / fireplace
Outddor braai nz
Build in braai nz
built in braai

For a Built-in bbq option, we use the same  design as free standing unit, but add a "picture frame" on the front edge so you can enclose it with whatever you want to use as surrounding. Not suited to be built into homes. Outdoor use only.


Kiwibraai nz
build in braai nz

$6520.00 GST included

built in braai nz
outdoor braai

$8480.00 including GST

outdoor braai / fireplace nz
Braai nz

Cupboard unit  

Cupboard height 800mm. Thus the same as the free standing unit, but on a stainless steel cupbourd on wheels.


 Braai NZ
outddor braai nz
outdoor braai

Stainless frame with shelf unit 

The same as free standing, but on a framework 800mm high with wheels. Space to store wood or charcoal

$7085.00 GST Included

Fireplace outdoor nz
Outddor firplace nz

Every unit supplied with standard flue of 1200mm

Optional extra (+1200mm) flue 2400mm $389.00

Potjie hook swivel.jpg

Optional extra Capping with cowl for built in fireplace brick chimney $1348.00

        Beware of imported Mild Steel products as they do rust away in NZ

Well, I will let the pictures here do the talking. These were imported models made of mild steel and they rusted away within 3 years. My Stainless steel bbq's will last a lifetime.  Obviously no need to compare price with quality, is there?

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